Here are some:

Stay at home adventures

  • knit a sweater
  • Marvel movies marathion
  • make a cherry pie
  • DIY projects
  • do a hair change
  • wild colored mani-pedi
  • start writing a novel
  • make a painting
  • embroider old jeans
  • redecorate your room/housse
  • start a journal for manifesting 
  • learn to do a handstand
  • build a castle for your pet
  • play monopoly
  • make a vision board 
  • plan future outfits 

Outside adventures

  • go lake swimming
  • go bungee jumping
  • play cards on the beach
  • scrap book in park
  • have a water baloon fight
  • go for a road trip
  • go fishing
  • dance until 6 AM
  • build a sand castle 
  • make a bonfire
  • play mini golf
  • go to a carnival or a fair
  • go skinny dipping
  • sleep on a trampoline
  • visit a haunted house
  • ride a hot air baloon
  • go to berry/ pumpkin picking
  • go biking to a new place
  • outdoor movie night
  • go to a water park
  • plant flowers
  • have a picnic
  • go to a zoo
  • fly a kite
  • visit a farm
  • roast marshmallows

Travel adventures

  • paddle boarding in Croatia
  • taste waffles in Belgium
  • fall in love in France
  • have pizza fritta in Napoli
  • see fondazione Pranda in Milan
  • go to a Temple Bar in Dublin
  • see Athens 
  • backpack Andalusia
  • surf in Portugal
  • visit Giza pyramids
  • pet cows in Switzerland
  • go to Octoberfest
  • go to sausagedog festival in Poland
  • walk the Great Wall of China
  • remote work in Thailand
  • have afternoon tea in London
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